In mid-June 2011 Fred AA7BQ has decided to change the policy how QRZ.COM serves callsign data. Users of QRZ.COM have to be registered and logged in to see any relevant information about a ham radio station. This applies also for the XML interface used by many logging programs. The amount of free callsign lookups via website and XML interface has been limited. Of course this limit does not apply for the charged QRZ.COM subscriptions. An ad-free website costs $19.95 per year, unlimited XML access $29.95 per year and both, an ad-free website and unlimited XML access $39.95 per year.

Luckily Petr OK2CQR, the author of the Linux logging program CQRLOG, has started a new Ham Radio Callbook service. HamQTH is free of charge and the users can decide if their data is visible to everyone or just for registered users. A biography can be added as well as pictures and detailed QSL information.  Google Maps, an online log (ADIF upload), a condx prediction and an XML interface for logging programs has been implemented too. For more information check the About of HamQTH.