Some weeks ago I’ve purchased a preowned, but unused Kelemen dipole DP-8040201510 for fielddays and other portable operations. It has a Balun at the feed point and 4 coax traps on each side. With 22 meters length it is a rather short dipole. During the 2013 IARU Region 1 SSB Fieldday I’ve put the dipole up and measured the impedance on the specified bands with the FA-VA 3 vector antenna analyzer.

From the complex impedance the SWR has been calculated afterwards. The antenna was set up as Inverted-V as shown below. The feed point was on top of a 12 meter aluminium telescopic mast, while the dipole legs went down to about 6 meters. Please note: For 80m CW there is about 1 meter of wire left on each side, which was folded back to get the antenna resonant in the SSB portion of the 80m band. The SWR may shift on various bands with a different Inverted-V angle at the feed point.