I’ve been asked to convert my TS-590S LUA scripts for Win-Test into scripts suitable for the DXLog.net Contest Logging Software. With a template provided by Chris 9A5K this was quite easy, although I don’t really have a clue about C# programming …

So here you are: 5tx.de/load/ham_radio/DXLog_scripts.zip

DXLog.net scripts
DXLog.net scripts


TS-590S_IF_100Hz.cs / … / TS-590S_IF_500Hz.cs
Set IF filter to 100 / … / 500 Hz. Can be assigned e.g. to ALT+1 / … / ALT+5.

TS-590S_QSY_10Hz_down.cs / TS-590S_QSY_10Hz_up.cs
QSY 10 Hz down/up. Can be assigned e.g. to CTRL + SHIFT + left/right arrow.

TS-590S_QSY_50Hz_down.cs / TS-590S_QSY_50Hz_up.cs
QSY 50 Hz down/up. Can be assigned e.g. to SHIFT + left/right arrow.

Start antenna tuner.

Select antenna 1.

Select antenna 2.

** Switch RX antenna on.

** Switch RX antenna off.

TS-590S(G) tunes to zero beat of the received signal. Attention: If RIT is disabled, the VFO will be tuned (suitable for S&P mode). If RIT is enabled, the RIT will be tuned (suitable for CQ/RUN mode).

Clears the RIT to 0.00 Hz. Can be added as $!CLEAR_RIT to the other entries assigned to the ‘+’ key, so DXLog.net clears the RIT automatically, when you finish a QSO in CQ/RUN mode. The name behind the ‘$!’ has to be the script name from the scripts manager.

PLUS key configuration
PLUS key configuration